MVCTC Teams Finalist in NASA Hunch Project


Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) students have again earned recognition for participating in the NASA Hunch project. The HUNCH mission inspires high school students to cultivate 21st-century skills through Project-Based Learning and fosters career opportunities in collaboration with NASA.

The Computer Networking & Cybersecurity students have emerged as finalists, scheduled to present their project to NASA scientists and engineers at the Johnson Space Center on April 16. The team comprises of Nathaniel Jeffers (Tri-County North), Nicholas Stewart (Miamisburg), and Logan Mackendrick (West Carrollton). Notably, this year marks the introduction of Cybersecurity as a division within the Hunch Program. The team’s endeavors include the design of a network tailored for utilization on the Artemis Moon Base, alongside developing a laser Quantum key encryption device aimed at fortifying communications to and from Earth.

Additionally, two teams from the Pre-Engineering program earned Honorable Mention. The first team worked on the Duster Arm Project, which included Eithan  Campbell (Twin Valley South), Zack Miller (Preble-Shawnee), and Epic Diffenderfer (Northmont). The second team, Noah Kessler (Vandalia-Butler), Adela  Adelsperger (Tri-County North), and Annabelle Adelsberger (Tri-County North), completed the VR Lunar Habitat Project.