Youth Connections Celebrated End of Year Achievement with Student Awards


Englewood, Ohio - May 6, 2024—The Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) Youth Connections program proudly announced its annual end-of-year celebration to honor its students' achievements. The event, held on Friday, May 3, 2024, at 10:30 a.m., commemorated the accomplishments of Youth Connections graduates and recognized its participants' dedication and hard work during the school year.

About Youth Connections

Youth Connections, an alternative educational program at MVCTC, targets students facing challenges, including non-attendance, credit deficiencies, and struggles with mandated graduation tests. The program offers a personalized and flexible learning environment aimed at helping students obtain their high school diplomas and develop skills essential for long-term employment.

Focusing on small class sizes and individualized instruction, Youth Connections has become a beacon of hope for students who might have otherwise fallen through the cracks of the traditional education system. The program's curriculum is aligned with Ohio Department of Education standards and emphasizes competency-based learning, allowing students to progress at their own pace.

The end-of-year celebration featured distinguished speakers and special recognitions, including greetings from Dr. Espeleta, MVCTC School Board President, and a keynote address from Dr. Weldy, MVCTC Superintendent. Former Youth Connections student Kevin Heath shared his inspirational journey, highlighting how Youth Connections helped him succeed academically. Heath is now in the MVCTC Biotechnology Program.

Graduating students were honored during the event, and mentor teachers and school counselors presented them with tassels and awareness of academic excellence, attendance, and overall achievement. Four different attendance awards and two different academic awards were recognized.

Attendance Awards

  • Perfect Attendance 100%
  • Exceptional Attendance 95%-99%
  • Excellent Attendance 90%-94%
  • Good Attendance 80%-89%

Academic Awards

Exceptional - students earned ten or more credits this school year

Outstanding - students earned between 6.00 - 9.75 credits this school year


Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Youth Connections Graduates:

  • Robert Carey, Huber Heights - Outstanding Academic Award
  • Jolee Musgrave, Valley View - Outstanding Academic and Good Attendance Awards
  • Gaige Pannill, Brookville - Exceptional Academic Award 
  • Jenna Seaton, West Carrollton - Exceptional Academic and Excellent Attendance Awards
  • Ben Spies, Miamisburg - Exceptional Academic Award 
  • Kairi Totten, West Carrollton - Exceptional Academic  and Good Attendance Awards
  • Sabrina Vaughn, West Carrollton - Exceptional Academic and Excellent Attendance Awards
  • Timothy (Jack) Vicroy, Carlisle - Exceptional Academic Award 
  • Arthur White, West Carrollton - Outstanding Academic Award 

Youth Connections students receiving awards during the ceremony included:

  • Shayne Brunner Exceptional Academic and Attendance Awards
  • David Buchanan - Perfect Attendance Award
  • Hannah Bush - Good Attendance Award
  • Reyna Dilley - Outstanding Academic Award
  • Alivia Edmondson - Exceptional Academic and Good Attendance Awards
  • Ali Farhad - Outstanding Academic Award
  • Ava Griffith - Outstanding Academic Award
  • Emma Isaac - Outstanding Academic and Good Attendance Awards
  • Esmiralda Ismailova - Outstanding Academic and Good Attendance Awards
  • Jacob McIntosh - Exceptional Academic and Attendance Awards
  • Colin Niemann - Outstanding Academic and Perfect Attendance Awards
  • Cole Oppie - Outstanding Academic and Excellent Attendance Awards
  • Mirandia Sperry - Outstanding Academic and Good Attendance Awards
  • Riley Totten - Outstanding Academic Award
  • Riley Woodard - - Outstanding Academic Award


Additional awards were given to Jacob McIntosh, who received the Youth Citizen Awards from the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Jenna Seaton received the Dash Award, and Jolie Musgrave received the Founding Principal Award.